Kinobody Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 and the first full weekend is in the books.

It exciting that I’m still so engaged in this experiment.  I find myself constantly trying to find new hacks for burning calories or tasty food that won’t crush my daily budget.

I’ve been stepping on the scale just about every day.  Solid progress so far but I expected this first week to have a decent drop since I went from complete glutton to eating clean and working out.  In the past six days, I’ve been to the gym four times.  Pretty sure that, at best, ties my best run during a week… ever.

My plan is to do another weigh in and take measurements the morning of Day 8.

The First Weekend

The weekends are where I typically would undo all the doing I did all week.  This weekend wasn’t too bad.  I did get in a solid gym session yesterday (upper body and a touch of cardio).

Had a lot of trouble falling asleep on Friday.  I think I finally went down at about 4:00 in the morning on Saturday.  No idea why.  I had a great workout earlier in the day and ate clean.  Tonight should not be an issue.

I did get in a solid gym session yesterday (upper body and a touch of cardio).  The wife dropped me off and ran some errands with the kiddos while I was there.  It worked out great.  Might have to make this a regular setup for Saturdays.

Kept my calories within my daily allowance each day.  This took some willpower.  Last night, we went over to my brother-in-law’s house to watch the Detroit Lions play their last game of the season.  The food scene there was fairly tame.  Santa brought him a new popcorn machine for his garage.  Outside of a couple handfuls of popcorn, I was pretty good.

Carrie made an awesome tomato bisque soup tonight for dinner.  It was very tasty, filling, and warm… it was cold as shit here today.  Six cups of this stuff is less than 400 calories.  Lots of veggies in this soup.  Here is the recipe.

Super tired and going to call it a night.


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