Day 25 of 75 Hard is Complete

Completing today was a little milestone in this journey. Day 25 of 75 is complete. I’m a third of the way through this challenge and could not be more motivated to keep going.

The last time I checked in here, I was sore. Like “what the hell am I doing here” sore where every part of my body ached. I had to dial back the workouts a little bit. I’ve been very consistent of doing a morning walk at 6:15 on weekdays and a little later (not much) on weekends. This is a brisk walk at about a 17.30 minute mile pace or just shy of 3.5 MPH. It is great getting my first and outdoor workout done first thing in the morning. I’ll have to see how much this works out over the next 50 days as the temperatures have been dropping in the past couple of weeks making the mornings a tad chilly. Nothing a hat and gloves can solve.

My second workout of the day varies between Peloton rides, the stair climber at the gym, or lifting weights in the basement. I did try an Insanity workout one day but this was on the tail-end of my “barely-can-walk” soreness phase. It was nearly impossible to finish just the one workout.

Each day gets easier. There are small little things I’ve figured out along the way to become more efficient. The biggest is trying to get through most of my checklist as early in the day as possible.

I’ve found the 30 minute block of time between the time I get to my desk and my first 9:00 AM meeting is the perfect time to get my daily reading in.

Optimizing my day has become even more essential with the current family schedule. Both girls are in travel softball and my son just started flag football. Fridays are our only day free from practices or games and that only holds true if we don’t have to squeeze in a lesson.

Drinking the gallon of water is still the hardest of all the daily activities. Again, getting most of my water in before 2:00 is huge and helps prevent slamming a ton of water late at night leading to several pissing trips in the middle of the night. The other challenge is making sure I’m going to be near a bathroom throughout the day. On more than one occasion, I’ve hightailed it to a coffee shop to use their restroom only to find a damn “Bathroom Closed Due to COVID-19”. I’ve never had so many near-accidents in my adult life total as I’ve had over the past 25 days.

Eating clean with no booze has been the easiest. I don’t miss drinking one bit. Waking up every morning with a clear head is amazing. Not feeling bloated from eating crap food is even better.

The menu is starting to get a little boring. I need healthy, quick, and easy. Post any and all of your go-to favs for me to check out. I’d appreciate it.

I’m down almost 20 pounds since I started. That is a number I’m really happy with. I doubt that I’ll get to 60 total pounds at this current rate but I’ll be very happy to get to 40. My clothes fit a lot better and two different clients this week asked me if I was losing weight. That alone was the motivation I needed a couple of nights where it was 9 PM and I still had my second workout to complete.

My goal is to check back in a little more often that I have been. I’ll make it a point to circle back in a week or so if I have substance to share. At the moment, it feels like Groundhog Day with each day getting a little easier.

Until next time.


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